We are really pleased to tell you that we have driven down our prices again and now offer the best value for money in the local area.

Here are just a few of our prices to give you an example:

Worthingtons:                           Only £2.50 per pint

Carling:                                       Only £2.60 per pint

Toby Bitter:                                Only £2:00 per pintALL PINTS DOWN 10P 

Strongbow:                                  Only £2.60 per pint

Fosters:                                      Only £2.50 per pint

Real Ales:                                    From only £2.40 per pint

Grolsch Premium Lager:           Only £2.90 per pint

Guiness                                       Only £3:00 per pint  

  Happy Hour now from 9 till 10pm every friday and saturday night( to fully paid up members only )

Now, we believe that's real value !

Please remember, Newent Circle Club always promotes sensible drinking.